Introducing PPHA Members Helpdesk


We aim to address your membership concerns and requests with great efficiency. With the helpdesk ticketing tool and knowledgebase we are simplying the way we connect and keep in touch together.

Here are just a few of the things you can now do with the new simplified PPHA Members Helpdesk:

1) Ask question tickets –  ask for membership and association information and get answers quickly

2) Submit documents – you can now submit membership forms and loan application (never been easier)

3) Download / request forms and documents –  you can request and quickly get to download needed documents

4) ID request – by sending us your photo and ID info, we can better get your information and send your ID faster


Yes, we are moving away from our Sharepoint site and deemed it appropriate to simplify everything to allow more people in our dynamic and constantly growing family.

So go check it out, register for your own access and we’ll be happy to help!

Click here to start: PPHA Members Helpdesk